Bhavans Middle East Global Charity Drive Held in Chennai

August 27, 2018
Kiran Handing over the Rice Bag

Chennai, Aug 27, 2018 ( – Imagine the impact an entire school community can make when everyone bands together to make a difference. This school year 2018-19 Bhavans Abu Dhabi took that initiative to teach students the importance of giving and the onus of raising challenging platforms to motivate the young learners. In the spirit of learning, one of the best ways to teach the importance of charitable giving is to have students explore the sector themselves. No matter how we choose to teach students or children the importance of charitable giving, there is even a larger movement you can involve students to expose them to the power of philanthropy.

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At Bhavans we believe the same and also trust that contributing to charity enriches the community and is rewarding at many levels and also strongly consider that there is nothing more valuable than feeding the needy and less fortunate and hence we at Bhavans initiated a Global Charity Drive at 60 Charity Centres across the Globe.

The Charity Drive Program in Chennai was conducted on 18th August 2018 at The Government Girls Corporation School in Purasaiwalkam. The Coordinator for the Event was David Ebenezer Art Instructor of Bhavans Abu Dhabi. This designated Centre at Chennai lodges 70 Orphan girls who study and reside at the same premise with minimal facilities.

The Chief Guest for the event was Actor & Art Director D. R. K Kiran from Film Industry who has contributed more than 2000 Ad Films and close to 20 feature films in just two decades and to name one of his Hit films is ANEGAN were he plays a Villain role which had made him Popular in the industry. Kiran is a successful Actor and an Art Director who comes from a modest beginning, who had studied in a Govt Corporation School which made him an ideal entrant for the event as The Chief Guest, as he being alumni of the Govt Corporation School system who has scaled heights in spite of his humble beginning with rigorous hard work.

Kiran in his speech addressed the students to study well and instructed them not to sense disownment or have setbacks studying at the Corporation School, as its by and large looked down by the society, He beautifully said Its not where you study that makes the difference in you, its how you study that makes the difference for you, Kiran himself is a powerful testimony, being a successful story in The Film Industry. He said very proudly that he is an alumnus from a Corporation School, who had worked hard and come up in life and was never ashamed to say where he had studied as it brings Hope in others.

After his motivating speech 150kg of rice bags was handed over to the orphanage and a small interaction section and a photo shoot with the kids was arranged, following which snacks and refreshments were provided for the kids who enjoyed the evening with Kiran, It was truly an heart touching event that taught the students who attended the event the importance and the Art of giving.

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Following the event through my humble experience, I understood giving is not limited to monetary donations. Rather, Giving is defined by the differences we make, the differences in someones life, in a society, or in a nation. His Highness Sheikh Zayeds legacy is not measured in the generous donations he had made to the less fortunate, but the impact he has had on others lives through the various forms of giving he had involved himself in.

We at Bhavans fervently deem and initiate the same genuine efforts of His Highness Sheikh Zayed to spread His inspirational and noble values by celebrating The Year of Zayed in factual spirit by conducting such Charity Programs all across the globe in diverse centres. This is our goal for The Year of Zayed to make a difference in the lives of those we care for, and in ourselves.

David Ebenezer 

Centre Coordinator Chennai – India

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