HZ Capital Group signs partnership with Bloqchain Science.

August 30, 2018
Bloqchain Science

New York, Aug 30, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – HZ capital group, a Singapore based Blockchain Capital firm and Bloqchain Science, a New York based auditor and developer of secure decentralized solutions have decided to formalize their partnership through a trade agreement.

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With HZ Capitals strategic position within several of Singapores major technology trade associations and Bloqchain Science’s expertise and proven track record, this partnership will provide an efficient link between the two major financial powerhouses of Singapore and New York that will facilitate the exchange and trade of financial, technological and marketing resources.

Both organizations will work together through their networks and partners to establish a globally-recognized professional standard which will help improve the quality of the Blockchain industry and help eliminate scams and other fraudulent activities.

This initiative will also help companies adopt Blockchain technology which can be used to improve many operational and financial efficiencies. The strategic intent is to be recognized as the major international initiative that helped accelerate the user adoption of Blockchain technology and drive the growth of the market on a global scale.

“Blockchain is not just a technology, it is a symbol of mankinds desire for integrity.
Weve learned through our first-hand experiences that having a strong set of values while thinking from the perspective of our customers is the surest path to success and the best way to build lasting relationships.”

– Lanon Wee, Managing Director HZ Capital Group

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HZ Capital Group (http://hzcapitalgroup.com/) is a Blockchain advisory specializing in business development, product viability and private placement for its select clientele consisting of startups, ICOs and MNCs.

Its founders have regionally recognized veterans of finance, banking, technology, marketing and business strategy.

“We are living in an era that we have the internet protocol of value transfer, regulated by algorithms. The blockchain era. That never happened before. As the ambassadors of this technology, we have the obligation to build secure and transparent systems and help businesses utilize blockchain to create the methods of a smooth and worried free value transfer. “

– Dean Karakitsos, Founder, Bloqchain Science

Bloqchain Science (https://thebloqchain.com) is an auditor and developer of secure decentralized solutions and has been an integral and invisible cog in several key HZ Capital projects.

Founder of Bloqchain Science, Dean Karakitsos, has a background in telcos, e-commerce, and decentralized systems.

HZ Capital Group is located in Singapore at:
Parkview Square
600 North Bridge Roa
#10-01 Parkview Square
Singapore 188778

Bloqchain Science is located in New York at:
99 Wall Street Suite 1808,
New York, NY 10005
Phone: +1 (646) 893-871

HZ Capital Group

Media Contact

Bloqchain Science, LLC.


(646) 893-871

99 Wall Street Suite 1808


Source :Bloqchain Science, LLC., HZ Capital Group.

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