Versatile Artists Young Saint Nick – Victor are Nailing the Music world with “Gold” on YouTube

September 5, 2018
Young Saint Nick  Victor Ardene

Newmarket, Sep 5, 2018 ( – Call it team spirit, coordination, rapport or anything in between, young and aspiring duo artists named Young Saint Nick (YSN) and Victor Ardene are the recent YouTube sensation. Both the artists are fiercely talented when it comes to rapping, song-writing, producing, and beat making. They can literally be regarded as the true representatives of the contemporary hip hop and rap music zone. The new project Gold gives enough reasons to music lovers to experience the creativity and versatility of the artists. The official music video of Gold has already attained more than 23k views on YouTube. The mission and vision YSN and victor are to make it to the top-notch position in the mainstream. However, the pace with which they are moving on and the overwhelming responses they have received are already giving signs of their stardom.

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Young Saint Nick was immensely passionate towards songwriting and singing since his childhood while class topper Victor Ardene nurtured his production genius and engineering since the age of 15. Both of them were destined to meet and create chartbusters like Gold for the music lovers. The music video for Gold is, in fact, the untold story of newbie artists with an ardent desire to make a name and get recognized in the cruel and ever-demanding world. Apart from the excellent singing and rapping skills. Viewers will come across the superb dancing skills of YSN, who is a great fan of Nonstop. But the reviews of the music video are excellent and also some of the viewers have really liked YSNs dancing more than that of Nonstop. 

Of course, both YSN and Victor Ardene are struggling to make it to the top but the duo has already occupied a placement on Billboard charts. What makes YSN and Victor more credible is their commitment to the art form and work ethics. To experience an extraordinary audio-visual journey, watch

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Young Saint Nick  Victor ArdeneTeam Spirit Young Saint NickYoung Saint Nick  Victor Ardene

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