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September 6, 2018

Scottsdale, Sep 6, 2018 ( – Hour 1 Coffee is a specialty coffee company focused on bringing transparency to the coffee industry. With coffee being the second most consumed beverage in the world, demand has created unethical sourcing methods that deplete the supply and inflate prices. Hour 1 is launching with 100% commitment to combat these methods through specialty coffee that is always ethical sourced, single origin, and shipped within 24 hours of roasting. Support Hour 1 Coffee and be one of the first to try a higher standard small batch coffee experience thats guaranteed to taste good and feel good.

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Hour 1 Coffee is launching a Kickstarter on 9/6 to end on 9/27 to raise money for their goals of bringing transparency and new standards to the coffee industry. By pledging, customers can be one of the first to try the coffees, as well as get their hands on exclusive Hour 1 Coffee merchandise. They are offering deals on everything from a regular bag of coffee to the Name Your Own Coffee Adventure where you can name your own bag of coffee to be sold on their site. If they reach their reach goal of $50,000, they are striving to open a storefront where each person who pledged will be given a free cup of coffee in addition to their rewards.

I didnt realize I was drinking stale coffee until I tried Hour 1. The freshness really shows in the different aromas you can get from a single cup of coffee. I cant even imagine going back to regular coffee again. -Kyle Chhe, New York, NY

Whats the difference between commercial (regular) coffee and Hour 1 Coffee? Hour 1 Coffee believes in the process from seed to cup. Commercial coffees are usually blended from different farms, roasted in large commercial roasters with little to no variety. Hour 1 on the other hand, has a variety that is narrowed to specific farms and areas within a country. It is also roasted in small batches upon order to provide coffee drinkers with the full aroma and experience of fresh coffee at home.

What makes Hour 1 Coffee the best specialty coffee? With strict hold times for their green beans, they work to provide the best in season coffees. This means that the selection of coffees is constantly changing to accommodate the farms that are in season and have the best yield. Hour 1 Coffee offers a wide variety of coffee, each with unique flavor profiles that range from the traditional chocolate to blueberries to butterscotch. With each bag, youll be able to find the region it was grown, the roast, the wash method, and the roasting date. One of the best aspects of Hour 1 Coffee is that each bag is roasted within 24 hours of shipping to ensure you get fresh coffee every time.

We were tired of seeing companies do only one aspect of coffee right. We wanted to get it all right while still bringing a fantastic cup of coffee. -Tyler Eisenhart, Owner of Hour 1 Coffee

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Hour 1 Coffee is setting new standards for the growing specialty coffee industry with their focus on quality and sustainability. Founded in 2018 by two avid coffee lovers with a dream to bring transparency to coffee, Hour 1 Coffee believes that Hour 1 affects the 23 that follow and strive to make sure that Hour 1 tastes good and feels good. Their promise to ethical sourcing, single origins, small batch roasting, and shipping within 24 hours of roasting is setting the new standard for coffee industries to follow suit.

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