Songs of Randall Lee Richards have Fascinating Storylines and is Rocking the Music Industry

September 27, 2018
Randall Lee Richards

Nashville, Sep 27, 2018 ( – Country music also called country and western comprises of ballad and dance tunes with simple forms. Today Country music is used to describe different styles and subgenres. Country music became popular in the 1940s. Randall Lee Richards from Nashville, United States is a singer and songwriter who is penning and performing great Country music with interesting storytelling, outstanding melodies and solid, well-produced tracks. Amongst 22 artists he was one of them in the world to be inducted into the prestigious CMA (Country Music Association). Adding to it, he was nominated as new artist of the year and crossover artist of the year for 2017 by New Music Weekly magazine.

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His recently released song Mastred A Heartbreak In The Making Hotmix 7 – 20 – 18 is no exception with its wonderful love story, powerful beats and impressive melody. A Paradise Life, his single was played around 100,000 spins on 1000 stations internationally. This same song got more than 60,000 streams. Both of his singles, A Paradise Life and I Cant Remember To Forget You were played on more than 200 stations in Australia. He is a new talented American artist who is the first one to achieve so many plays on a first or second single.

Because of the instrumentation in these songs, it creates a cool and thoughtful ambience. His latest released track Mastered A Heartbreak In The Making Hotmix 7-20-18 is an emotionally powerful song. Its a simple song but the quality is enhanced by lyrics of Randall Lee Richards which feels familiar and elevates the mood. Many listeners can relate to the concept of this song. He has released his songs via Ocean’s Ten Music.  You will surely love all his songs and to listen to more Country music visit SoundCloud now. He also has his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts where you can check out his activities. To get more information visit his website at the earliest.

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Mastred A Heartbreak In The Making Hotmix 7  20  18

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