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October 1, 2018

Encinitas, Sep 30, 2018 ( – André Hurst, born in 1940, in Geneva, is a Hellenist, professor and former Rector of the University of Geneva.

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André Hurst is the author of books and articles mainly covering the domains of Greek Epics and ancient theatre; he has also been involved in the editions of papyri. For all his publications, see the Publication List.

He has been, successively, visiting professor at McGill University (Montreal), Babes-Bolyai University (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and Ecole Normale Supérieure, rue dUlm (Paris), as well as member of the senior common room at St Johns College Oxford, for eight years he was on the committee for the Conservatory of Music and the Performing Arts in Geneva, heading the committee several times; for eight years he held the chairmanship of the « Société académique de Genève » a private research fund, and was, for twelve years, in charge of collaborations of the University of Geneva with central and eastern European universities. From 2014-2017, he was the member of the scientific board of École Pratique des Hautes Études (Paris).

Also active in the musical life of Geneva (as evidenced by his presidency of the Conservatoire de musique de Genève), he is the instigator and co-founder of the “World Knowledge Dialogue”. He presided the “WKD” Foundation during its first years of existence.

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