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October 9, 2018

San Jose, Oct 9, 2018 ( – Indusgeeks is a globally leading company renowned for their innovative technologies in business & gaming simulations and game-based training that are suited for all industrial processes and types. The multi-award winning company has over the last decade been privileged to work with a broad range of clients including government agencies, players in the health sector, fortune 100 companies, and defense organizations positioning themselves as a force to reckon with. Indusgeeks is comprised of an extraordinarily capable team of technologists who see each assignment as a platform to advance their skills and know-how.

Talking about how game based training works, the Executive Director said, Simply defines, a game is an exploratory narrative that actively involves the player. The aspects that make games fun are the challenges and mental effort that it requires you to develop for progress to the next levels quickly. Harnessing the powers of a well-designed game that keeps players in an ever-alert mode, we have transformed the aspects to suit a working environment. By replicating professional environments, we give the millennial workforce relevant satiations that enable them to advance their skills progressively.

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Most companies involved in sales and marketing incur very high costs each time they must incorporate new sales teams into a campaign or equip the existing workforce.  Indusgeeks, as a leading sales gamification training company is seeking to reverse this industrial norm through their solutions that focus on developing sales and soft skills.

Not just that but also for other soft skills like Leadership training games to train and mold an effective leader who manages his/her team optimally. So Gamification for training especially incorporates is now taken to a whole new level with this revolutionary technology.

Using their highly versatile INIT platform, the team can create unique and customizable games to build on the relevant skills needed for field-work. The benefit of the solutions Indusgeeks provides is their cost-effectiveness and a minimization of the down team as the sales team skill-up while on the move.

Responding to inquiries on the impact of game-based learning solutions, the marketing director said, Gamification is an emotionally engaging training that has been proven to amplify ones attention span and understanding of a given aspect. The most important aspect of game-based solutions is its personalization and social learning features that assist in the development of critical thinking which can easily be related to day to day scenarios. By embracing a cognitively stimulating solution accessible from devices that have become an extension of our lives you have within reach a dynamic platform for a comprehensive learning.

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Factoring in the industry type and user demographics, Indusgeeks designs and develops soft skills games solutions guaranteed to ensure more significant knowledge retention and improved corporate productivity. The soft skill games have been developed to be a fail-safe environment containing all the necessary learning modules needed to fill the skills gap.  The solutions created by Indusgeeks are mobile ready as such can be deployed on any device including smartphones, tablets, and computers expanding its use in modern society. A detailed analytics is also provided by their platforms to quantify results for ease in determining progress among the learners.

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Indusgeeks are an innovative team of developers and technologists specializing in the creations of corporate training games and gamification solutions that are tailored to captivate the attention of learners and improve productivity.

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