Enjoy The Soul Shattering Captivating Track ‘Frustrated’ By The Ingenious Singer Ash

October 26, 2018

London, Oct 26, 2018 (Issuewire.com) – The multi-genre singer Ash is back to amuse us with her popular tracks. This time she catered something else to the audience with her song frustrated.  She is the kind of talent who isnt afraid of exploring the dark, negative and realistic side of human life. This is what makes her tracks so relatable and forms a unity between her the audience. She has grown up in London, the United Kingdom. As an exceptionally talented young artist, she is trying to make her pace in the music industry and is succeeding to do so. It is quite surprising how musicians tend to focus on the happier side of life ignoring the other gloomy aspect that we all go through. Ash is here to change that perspective with her track frustrated.

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Her confessional track frustrated focuses on the dark side of her life. She is such an amazing singer that even though she is expressing some negative aspect, the sophistication through which she had done it, is remarkable. The song has been composed of the pop genre and has got soft melody with beats and intellectual lyrics. Ash through this song wanted to express the idea that individuals going through tough times in their life are not alone. The reality she wanted to share was that everyone deals with such frustrations in their lives. Frustrated is one of kind in its compositions.

The artist Ash has not only created songs but has produced instrumental tracks as well. The instrumental tracks such as Tiny Dino and Bouncy Cosy show the kind of rhythmic genius she has in her. Her other compositions such as Hopeless Romantic, Cook4U, Soaking the Sun, and Rosie are so diverse on its own, that it lacks the monotony that other artists tend to possess. All her songs are available on Soundcloud.

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