NOAAON Hits Back Again with his Latest Mix ‘#NOAMOVEMENT Volume 22-Tribal Edition’

October 26, 2018
Volume 22  Tribal Edition

Atlanta, Oct 26, 2018 ( – There is very few artists out there which has the power to refresh and revitalize us. Lucky for us, we have an amazing artist named NOAAON in our midst. This skilled DJ ensures that his music enriches our lives with amazing transformative music which brings vibrancy and pure energy in our lives. NOAAON symbolizes approach Pavel has towards life which is All or Nothing.  He has dedicated his life and his music career in the healing and the welfare of the mind and soul of all people.

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This incredibly talented European artist and DJ releases a brand new track #NOAMOVEMENT Volume 22 – Tribal Edition which encapsulates all the essential features of EDM and tribal house music right from the percussive sounds of congas, bongos and shakers to the heavy bass-laced sounds of drum machines. This track presents a fine balance between what is classically familiar and loved about this genre and that which is a little unexpected. It offers something fresh, melodic and even blissful vibes which encourages the listeners to lose themselves into the music. In terms of composition, this latest release is particularly impressive.

Where many artists, DJs and producers fail to successfully combine creativity and professionalism, NOAAON literally hits the mark with flying colors. The smooth rhythm and the uplifting consistency allows you to embrace the energy of the moment, and the feeling whether to dance or simply enjoy the beats gets you in a frenzy. The certain riffs and melodies, subject matter and the sense of emotion and character, make this whole mix worth grooving to. The haunting ambiance blended with funky beats get the listeners all wild. This artist obviously has a clear connection and understanding of what works, which makes this finely tuned and flawlessly crafted release stand out a mile.

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