Musicality And The Beats In Szandra Mayer’s Tracks Are Stunning

November 2, 2018
Szandra Mayer

San Francisco, Nov 2, 2018 ( – Szandra Mayer is a talented and super young music artist and singer. Her first song released and debuted titled Paradise and it is a very cool music video. The song is the result of collaboration between the Szandra and a well-known DJ and music producer in Hungary whose music has been played in almost all of the radios. Szandra was very excited to work with him to create this amazing song and music video that expresses her passion for singing and performing to the world. She loves pop and hip-hop music. She is a trilingual triple threat as she speaks three languages fluently and is very talented in acting and dancing as well. Her song Paradise has already airplay in some radios in the USA and Europe. Watch her music videos on Youtube.

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Famous Pop artists Szandra Mayers song Put Your Records On has an energizing vibes that make it effective and widely popular song. The song brings together the professional performance and the production, creativity, passion that creates a beautiful ambiance. The melodic sections in the track lead up to something catchier and the energy in the track match the soundscape and the moment flawlessly. Her intensity and energy in the tracks combine to create a totally artistic and entertaining moment of vibrancy. If you want to listen to this song then you must visit Soundcloud.

Some of the tracks of Szandra Mayer are How Far Ill Go, Up In The Clouds and many others. The sound in her tracks has professional crisp and colorful feel. The musicianship in her tracks surrounded and supported and it underlines the sentiments which have been well crafted with equal care and consideration. The musical weight and brightness grow stronger as the song progresses.  To get more updates about her upcoming songs then you must follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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