‘Go Vote.’ Google’s Redesigned Homepage Is Encouraging People to Head to the Polls

November 7, 2018

Google is taking the rare step of tweaking the logo on its homepage to encourage American users to head to the polls this Election Day.

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Whereas users typically see a “Google” logo in the company’s signature colors, the language Tuesday reads “Go Vote.”

Clicking on the “Go Vote” message leads to a page where users can find out the location of their nearest polling station, as well as links to other sites with voting information.

At Google, our mission is to make the world’s information accessible and useful, and we hope these features help you participate in this election,” said Google Product Manager Jason Wheeler in a statement.

The search engine doesn’t usually alter its homepage so dramatically. So-called Google Doodles, which colorfully celebrate important dates and historical figures, tend to incorporate rather than replace the usual Google design. But it seems the midterms have been deemed important enough to warrant a break from that tradition.

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