Manoj Asrani Launches PropertyMonk Pvt Ltd – International Property Consultants Company

November 17, 2018
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Mumbai, Nov 16, 2018 ( –  Manoj Asrani Launches PropertyMonk Pvt Ltd – International Property Consultants Company

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  • A first of its kind end to end real estate service provider in India
  • With presence across India and UAE, the company plans to penetrate into Africa & South East Asia in Very aggressive manner
  • Currently focuses on selling Indian properties & UAE Freehold Properties all over the world.

Manoj Asrani Seasoned Real Estate Professional forays into real estate consulting business by launching its flagship company PropertyMonk Pvt Ltd. The company, headed by Mr Manoj Asrani is a first of its kind end-to-end real estate service provider in India, aiming to be a top real estate service company in the country. With presence across India & UAE, PropertyMonk plans to penetrate further into the markets of Africa and South East Asia.

Each member of the team is a handpicked real estate professional from Indias finest real estate groups, who are groomed in Top Notch Educational Institutes in India and abroad. Together The Team believes we are the Magnetos of Sale. PropertyMonk business expertise lies both in residential and commercial business. Separate Team Led by Best Team Leaders and Industry Stalwarts control the Micro markets with decades of Experiences.

Our Core Operations are Involved in Underwriting, Advisory, Leasing, Portfolio Management and booking service to clients. The experience and expertise gained in the past make us humble and imbibed the thought of humility beyond all means. We have done disruptions, we will do it further.

PropertyMonks is built on a revolutionary business model which intends to offer the best services and advisory to its customers to make the right decision. PropertyMonk is Lead by Change Leaders from real estate industry, who have proven mettle in past by establishing and creating brands. Mr Arun Chhalwani, appointed as the Head Sales at PropertyMonk Pvt Ltd, is an experienced industry veteran wearing several hats at Ekta, JPInfra & Indiabulls. He brings with him years of expertise and domain knowledge to help grow the real estate consulting business of PropertyMonk. With a niche amongst all and the Model that says Events will be the strongest source of Lead generation to ensure face to face meeting is what is needed in today’s competitive environment, Mr. Naveen Chandran, appointed as the Head Events & Activation at PropertyMonk Pvt Ltd, has done several events in UAE, Singapore, Africa & All corners of India. He brings with his a combination of real estate expertise and cross-cultural knowledge to help grow the event vertical of PropertyMonk.

Our goal is to form partnerships with developers where both parties benefit, continues Yenki Ahuja Asrani Co-Founder. We want to build long-lasting relationships with all developers. Another important goal for us is to build our Lead Development Team. As its all about Finding the right buyer, for the right product, at the right price.

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Commenting on the Monthly Anniversary, Mr Manoj Asrani, Founding Principal, PropertyMonk Pvt Ltd said, With an already cluttered real estate segment, we aim to differentiate with Our Passionate Team and Event Portfolio. Our new venture aims at adding value across the real estate value chain with a holistic approach and customer offerings. There exists a massive business opportunity in this sector and we look forward to tapping the huge potential market in India and overseas with our expert team. We have an in-depth market research in the real estate domain and have observed a wide disconnect between developers and end customers due to various reasons. At PropertyMonk Pvt Ltd, we focus on providing end-to-end consultancy services with our Monk Experts.

PropertyMonk intends to update real estate wisdom with the rapidly changing trends in the real estate industry in order to provide the best in class and effective consultancy services to its customers.

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Yenki Ahuja Asrani

ABOUT Manoj Asrani:

Coach, Author, Mentor, Trainer, Professional Speaker & Sea Diver

Astute Monk of Real Estate

With two decades of dynamic career in Business Head, Lead Strategist, Marketing Communications, Sales, Brand Management, Product Launches across multiple categories, managing multi-media campaigns across the country, leading high growth and new business & brand launches.

Acknowledged for strengthening companies to lead in highly competitive markets and for delivering innovative sales & marketing concepts and strategies. Leverages key analysis, insights and team approach to drive organizational improvements and implementation of best practices. Known for ability to envision and create successful campaigns and communication strategies in complex situations.

Deft in setting up new initiatives, Channel Management, Revenue, Collections, creating strategic marketing plans and budgets, developing product campaigns, conducting market research studies, reviewing marketing plans & organizing various events.

Proficient in the development & implementation of marketing strategies, media management and product positioning plans and launches. An innovative leader with entrepreneurial initiative and vision, who drives revenues and manages rapid growth profitably to build a strong corporate culture.

Currently associated with PropertyMonk as Founding Principal.

Proud to have won Marketing Professional of the Year 2015 ABP News, Global Achievers Asia, London Print Asia Week Award, Marketing Professional of Real Estate Accommodation Times, Employee Recognition Award for New Marketing Initiatives, Prestige Award and Best Stall Design Award in MCHI Numerous

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