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November 18, 2018
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Los Angeles, Nov 17, 2018 ( – Josh Steinbeck’s interview was comprised of phone calls, text messages, and footage from the Atlantic Record’s audition. When Jenny Lynn looks at her life what is inescapable is the number 11:11 this is extremely significant to Jenny Lynn, at various and sundry times throughout her life she would randomly glance at her phone or a clock and it would show 11:11. This has been happening throughout her life. Leon Youngblood dubbed Music Maverick by the San Diego Union Tribune connected with Jenny Lynn via his wife Ginger. Leon was asked to come and sit in on a session that Jenny and James were having at Prado restaurant just before they were about to leave.

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Leon was impressed by Jenny Lynn and reached out to her. He called Jenny to let her know that her song was selected for the upcoming movie soundtrack “Hate Won’t Win”. Unbeknownst to Leon, he called Jenny on 11-11-2018. Can anyone guess what time he left her a message? you guessed it at exactly 11:11 pm, he did all this without knowing her connection to 11:11. Which Jenny gave him a revelation of her connection to 11-11. Obviously, by now goosebumps are raising and destiny is being realized. The union and connection are now unmistakable, with that in mind Leon Youngblood SR pressed forward.

Jenny had created a monster hit based on her reading the script for the movie Leon gave her.  Ginger pointed out that it was all God’s timing for Jenny and James. This song created by both Jenny and James is a timeless masterpiece. It does what music is supposed to do. Unite people in love and break down hateful rhetoric by changing the hearts and minds of those who need direction.

The song is called “Love Each Other Right” this is one of the few songs that can heal the world. Jenny has been singing for over a decade, she is a perfect example of keeping the faith and never giving up. She was in the right place at the right time.

Ginger heard Jenny singing at Prado restaurant in San Diego owned by the Cohn Family. This is a favorite spot of Ginger’s. The duo of Jenny and James just happened to be performing that night. Ginger informed her husband of Jenny’s talent and based on his wife’s recommendations.

Leon quickly auditioned Jenny for a soundtrack project he is currently working on. Jenny nailed it, which led to Leon taking Jenny Lynn and James Dempsey to Atlantic Records for the opportunity of a lifetime. They were able to audition for a recording contract/writing opportunities with Atlantic Records. Atlantic Records wasted no time, quickly scheduling Jenny Lynn and James Dempsey for a studio session within 96 hours after hearing her first note.

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The same place where Jenny auditioned is the same place where Bruno Mars made million dollar deals in that very same room. Jenny and James blew everyone away and was immediately asked to come to the studio on their next available opportunity.

Jenny Lynn and James Dempsey are making the most of their opportunities. Drake’s music producer 15 Time Platinum Selling Don Destin has already come aboard and have provided tracks for them. But wait there’s more Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Robin Thicke, and Rhianna’s music producer has also come aboard to lend songs and tracks for Jenny Lynn’s upcoming album.

What struck me is the amount of support Jenny and James have from their families. Everyone came out to show their support on one of the most important days of her life. You can see in the photos that Jenny is loved beyond measure. Atlantic Records has taken the right path with Jenny and James and they are so grateful to have a chance to prove they can create hit music for themselves as well as other Atlantic Records’ Artist. 

Jenny Lynn and James Dempsey created a song “Love Each Other Right” this song is one of the rare songs of our time. It creates bi-partisanship in a divided and partisan world. When you listen to this song it touches your soul. This song does what music was intended to do, bring unity, love, and peace to the world and changes the hateful rhetoric. It makes people think because Love is the new cool.

Jenny’s story is a real testimony of overcoming adversity and knowing that if you keep at it, somehow, someway you can accomplish your dreams. This is for anyone with a dream of making it in the music business. Leon Youngblood was quoted as saying “Having an amazing support system and family that beliefs in you is the key, having faith in Jesus is how I succeed in life with everything”.

Jenny Lynn is an open book, what you see is what you get. She is as honest as she is caring and loving. Jenny’s fans will love her, she is one of that artist who appreciates everything that is happening to her because she has had to struggle to keep her dreams alive. 

Sometimes wonderful opportunities are given to deserving men and women. This article is meant to inspire you to never give up and always believe in yourself. Sometimes the underdogs in life to win and succeed in reaching their dreams. Congrats Jenny Lynn and James Dempsey for taking full advantage of your chance of a lifetime. Dreams do come true.-Josh Steinbeck Media Group

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