The New Composition ‘Blessed’ by the Chicago EDM Artist djidaze is Rocking the Music World

November 19, 2018

Chicago, Nov 18, 2018 ( – We all know that music has the power to heal your soul. But how many artists can actually achieve that with their songs? The answer would be rare few. And that is why the music enthusiasts should thank the starts for creating someone like djidaze who has the power to make people feel better with his music. And his latest track Blessed is no exception. The very song celebrates in a classy way. It is perhaps one of his best creations till now. He can be categorised as the upcoming Chicago EDM artist. Representing the genre of dancehall and EDM most of his compositions are characterised by hypnotic beats and mesmerising uplifting and rejuvenating melodies. And his lyrics bring these songs to life. He has his own label which is titled as Duo Box Records.

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The track Blessed kicks start with soft alluring tunes that will make your fall asleep by soothing your mind and then the uplifting presence of the sings begins. The lyric is just perfect and compliments the atmosphere to its best. The track focuses on celebrating our lives and how we are blessed to have it and that we should follow the motto of living it to the fullest. The track Blessed with its increase in tempo gives you the creeps and the chills just like a professional EDM song should. The combination of syncs and chords are done to perfection and it increases the depth intensity of the song. it truly deserves to be called his best composition so far. Some of his other unique collections that are available on Soundcloud are Disco Zoo Share Me Time Table You Bop and Baby Cakes.

Djidazes popularity as an artist can be understood through his growing number of fan following in his Twitter, YouTube and Soundcloud profiles.



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