GBMS Tech Announces Launch Of Accumulus Threat Shield (ATST) ICO

December 4, 2018

London, Dec 4, 2018 ( – As computer hacking and viruses become more and more prevalent, all computer users will need protection to prevent data breaches and viruses. Its not just the big corporations at risk anymore, but also everyone and anyone that uses a computer and stores sensitive data. GBMS Tech is launching a complete cyber security platform that aims at preventing hackings and threats before they happen, instead of curing the problem.

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GBMS Technologies has made international headlines today with the announcement of their impending ICO, backed by a robust cybersecurity platform built on the blockchain. Utilizing advanced blockchain technology, GBMS Tech was able to develop a first in its class, easily scalable cyber security platform that rivals anything similar currently on the market. The Initial Coin Offering backing this platform has officially launched and early adopters stand to make out considerably well.

GBMS Technologies is a London based global cyber security company founded on the principle that in a world of increasing cyber-attacks, preventing breaches is a far better option than curing them after the fact. GBMS Tech is comprised of a team of IT and Cyber Security experts with decades of experience under their belts. The company is led by their CEO, Laurence Burton, who has a wealth of expertise in managing the roll outs of several IT security infrastructure projects as well as supporting emerging technologies.

The GBMS platform protects users from all modern-day virus threats and facilitates data protection regulation compliance through a combination of unique feature-rich options that allow the Administrator to quiet attack noise and block unwanted traffic. Some of the benefits of using the GBMS cyber security platform include:

1. Task Killer This allows the user to stop any unauthorized program from running.

2. Protection Shield Acts as a front door and stops all dangerous activity.

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3. Auto Detection Detects data theft from within the system. Often times employees use USB devices to copy data. GBMS will detect this and stop it.

4. 24/7 Vigilance 24/7 monitoring by cybersecurity experts

During a recent press conference, the company spokesperson for GBMS was quoted as saying, GBMS Tech technology succeeds where anti-virus and firewalls fail by locking down systems so that unauthorized apps cant run and uses a proprietary network monitoring service to shut the door on remote (hackers) and local (employees) data theft.

This highly anticipated ICO offers more than one option in terms of participants rewards. Not only will the Accumulus Threat Shield Token sore to high trading levels after trading, but early adopters stand to receive a 55% bonus on tokens only during the ICO Private sale Phase. This is a time sensitive offer; once the Private sale closes the 55% bonus will not be applicable.

For more information on how to get involved in this breakthrough Cyber Security ICO, visit their official website at or click here 

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