Beats in the Track ‘Paradise On Lockdown’ by New Music Artist from California TLUXX is Captivating

December 7, 2018
Paradise On Lockdown by TLUXX

Los Angeles, Dec 6, 2018 ( – TLUXX is one of the renowned artists in the music industry. His songs have all the necessary elements on the track. This track Paradise On Lockdown is his latest festival anthem. In this track, he featured Krysta Youngs. There are various instrumental moments which suggest a deep level of creativity in everything which makes up the recording. The whole thing in the track progresses and develops with numerous fresh moments of sound. The song maintains a strong balance between relevancy and originality.

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New music artist California TLUXX expression throughout the track Paradise On Lockdown is loaded with unpredictability and simultaneous levels of identity. The leading vocals are stunning, emotionally poignant and hold close to the underlying sentiments of the track in a genuinely entrancing way. The energy of the drop following each hook has a style and intensity which captivates and works well to complete a slick and easy to love a piece of music and filled with good vibes. Get more updates about his upcoming music by following him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; watch his music video on Youtube.

The swiftness of the verse melody broadens the lively and adds more of that different vibe in the track Paradise On Lockdown by TLUXX. His music and the lyrics all lean in the direction of simple good vibes. The lyricism and the meandering vocal melody vary and evolve immensely as the track progresses. The line is captivating and wonderfully performed.  His songs form with opening ease into something which much more energetic and positive. The beats in his tracks are quite uplifting artistic and the words provoke deep thoughts. The rhythm and the hook in the track are superb. There is a clear contrast between the beats thickness and the higher end of the synths. You can listen to his songs simply by tuning to Soundcloud.  

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