Best Off Road Offering Discounted Ute Drawer Systems

December 7, 2018

Dandenong, Dec 6, 2018 ( – Best Off Road is looking to make it much easier and more affordable for Australians to organise their SUV, ute or 4WD vehicle. The company is offering serious discounts on its range of drawers that can be placed in different types of vehicles.

Drawers for Vehicles

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When someone owns a vehicle such as a SUV, wagon, or a ute, it is understandable they will keep many possessions inside the vehicle. Perhaps they have kids and need to keep many accessories in the vehicle, or they are using the vehicle for work, meaning heavy tools must be stored in there.

Drawers can make storing and organising these items a lot easier. Instead of having everything lying around, it provides a specific place for different tools, accessories and possessions.

Best Off Road has been operating in Dandenong Melbourne for 12 years and is making it even easier for customers to invest in its top notch drawer systems. The discounts are on its entire catalogue of drawers, with the prices some of the most competitive in the country.

Van, 4WD and Ute Storage Products

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There are many different options for people who need storage within their vehicle. The two drawer roller bearing units for wagons are very popular, as they are lockable and can hold up to 150kg.

Van drawers, slides and three drawer sliding units are also available. Most of these do not require any separate construction to add into the vehicle. They are designed to bolt into existing points within the vehicle.

Best Off Road is also happy to design custom storage units that will suit any application or type of vehicle. Customers can make a specific request and get a price quote from the company. These units will take a little longer to deliver, but they are discounted and available at very affordable prices.

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