Completing the KYC process for IDAP Crowdsale

December 7, 2018

Tallinn, Dec 7, 2018 ( – IDAP, the first complete crypto derivatives exchange, has begun KYC procedure for their ICO investors. If you wish to buy IDAP tokens, passing KYC is compulsory. No KYC is needed for airdrop or referrals. 

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IDAP’s whitelist has seen tremendous growth, with nearly 50k registered sign-ups as of date. However, only the applicants whose KYC is approved will be able to participate in the IDAP crowd sale. So, if you don’t want to miss out, complete your KYC. Moreover, the first 2000 applicants to get KYC approval will unlock exclusive access to Phase-I of the IDAP crowdsale, which will offer additional benefits. 

Below are the steps needed to complete this process: 

1. Visit and sign in to your account. In case you have not whitelisted yourself, sign-up with a valid email-id.

2. Submit KYC documents required and any other info.

3. Get approved if your documents and information are correct.

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Upon submission, documents and associated KYC information are reviewed and within two days, the status of the application is decided and conveyed to the applicant. 

The response from the community with respect to IDAP shows that despite a bear market, retail investors are still ready to back projects with long-term prospects. The TestNet of the exchange is soon to go live, with users being able to get a good idea of what the platform stands to offer. The team has hinted that BTC futures, spreads and butterfly will be available for trading when the TestNet launches. The enthusiasm shown by IDAP supporters on social media is sure to translate into good numbers trying out the TestNet.

About IDAP

IDAP is built by veteran traders of global exchanges like CME, ICE and technocrats from IITs and NITs, it’s backed by institutions like D4.Partners, Stigasoft and more. Looking to transform the crypto asset market, IDAP stands to attract all grades of traders to its platform via its diverse offerings.

IDAP is introducing low-risk derivatives instruments like calendar spreads and butterfly, and the complete offerings include Futures, Swaps, American Options, along with services like OTC trading, P2P lending and ICO venture fund. The platform boasts of a state-of-the-art legacy styled Desktop Application with ladder-based ‘point-and-click’ trading, an advanced Simulated Trading Environment with real-time data and the much-needed Master Account System for proprietary trading firms and institutions looking to enter crypto.

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