Instrumentation in Butch Robin’s Songs is Brilliantly Interesting and Enjoyable

December 7, 2018
Butch Robins

Alexandria, Dec 7, 2018 ( – Butch Robins, has established himself as an instrumental innovator and explorer. His banjo playing techniques have enabled him to share the sound of that instrument and enhanced the music of an extremely diverse range of musical stylish and definers of the genre. He is a banjo player with few peers, and chronic of the music of the music of Bill Monroe, the Father of Blue Grass Music. He is critically acclaimed musicians, recording artist, instructor, and lecturer. He is described as a musical renegade non-conformist. Moreover, his career has covered many diverse bases and each is attacked with a remarkable intensity that has yielded not only great music but many acute observations about music.

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Butch Robins is an intense, serious person with the sensibilities of philosophers about many subjects.  His commitment to his work involves the outlook of a probing analyst, an exacting craftsman and above all a passion for reaching for the highest values in life. The sound in Butch Robinss track Soundcloud.

Butch Robinss songs show the weight pretty well, and the tracks have a powerful hook melody. The music surrounds the listeners the subsequently wash the listeners away on its vibrancy and sense of heart. Some of his other songs are Owed To A Hypocrite, River Of Death, Lord Lead Me On, Hide Me Rock Of Ages and many others.  The simple purity of the concept meets with the authenticity in the delivery and quickly it becomes something that quite easy to enjoy. The melody and the energy throughout the song feel familiar and comforting. To get more updates follow him Facebook and Twitter.

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Crying Holy Unto My Lord

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