Listen to Stunning Music in Washington DC rapper Flip Skylark’s Tracks

December 7, 2018
Flip Skylark

Seattle, Dec 6, 2018 ( – Flip Skylark is an 18 years old independent artist and his music mainly belongs to hip-hop and rap genre. There is a clear blend of hip-hop and pop music in his tracks.  He is a new artist from TX and in his music he involves different sounds into his music and also creates his own style of music.  His tracks are unique and musically impressive in its way.  His tracks maintain a good balance between the storytelling and personal reflection. The music in the tracks is easy going and light in nature.  The structure of the tracks draws the attention of the listeners in an effective way.

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The overall effects of the track Gotta Go by Washington DC rapper Flip Skylarks are quite hypnotic and even addictive. The instrumentation has a joyful brightness and bounce. The musical backdrop in his tracks is far more of an inherent part of the expression than simply a beat behind the song. The vocal part that flows along adds to the intensity and pace of the music brilliantly.  The flow of the music highlights the rhythms and the underlying the mood of the tracks. The musical energy of Gotta Go sets an appealing kind of mood, the tone and the presentation style of that leading vocal makes the listeners feel as something important is happening.

The overall sound has definite hypnotic quality and the melody in the Flip Skylarks tracks surrounds the listeners in a captivating way. Some of his songs are HAHA, Teen Pop Sensation, Dirty and many others. The simplicity of the music works really well and the instrumentation in the track is light as well as uplifting.   You can listen to his songs simply by tuning to Soundcloud. You can get more updates about his upcoming music then follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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