Watch the Engaging Youtube Music Video ‘4 Lines Here’ By Versatile Markus Meo

December 7, 2018
Markus Meo  4 Lines here

Phoenix, Dec 6, 2018 ( – If you want to get engrossed into some modern classics and other fusion pop rock singles, you must subscribe to Markus Meos YouTube channel. The versatile singer-songwriter and live performer from Adelaide, South Australia is  attracting more and more music lovers to his YouTube channel and one of the reason is his latest single 4 lines Here (But The talent Dont lie on My face) that has some really alluring elements that will hook music lovers.

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 As an independent artist, Markus Meo is truly making his skills work. He takes his inspiration from his father who was a disc jockey at a community radio. His early life was mostly spent in the place where he attained motivation from the various artists he met. He is a drummer apart from a mesmerising singer and the way he plays drum portrays the love and commitment to the art form. While he excelled his career by working as a drummer with various band, simultaneously he nurtured his guitar skills, practiced singing and came up with heart touching self-written music pieces.

Some of the excellent singles in his YouTube channel are sweet Lady Sha, You Make Me smile, Lets be Together and others that attained huge appreciation this year.

About his latest project 4 Lines here (But the Talent Dont Lie On My face) is an incredible pop rock track. The track gives some clues of the trending aussie rock genre yet can rightly be called as a modern classic. Be it his singing style, his lyricism or the music score the track is no less than a masterpiece. When it comes to its official video, the shots used are very interesting. This USP of this music piece is the touching lyrics with which music lovers can relate.

Currently, Markus is working on many other projects that fans can soon find on YouTube. He is also very active in other music streaming sites like Spotify, SoundCloud etc. If you want to know more about Markus, follow him on Instagram and Facebook. Have a look at his official website and subscribe his YouTube channel.

Click the youtube video link & enjoy this music :

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